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If you get bored with laying on the beach try out something different

If you get bored with laying on the beach try out something different. Phangan has many activities like windsurfing, Dirt-bike Rentals, Elephant Riding, Jungle Trekking, Snorkeling, Thaiboxing, Yoga Lessons,a Chinese Temple and Thai Cooking Lessons.Koh Panghan is a amazing island not far from it's neighbor island Koh Samui. For those of you who find ko Samui too overly priced or too much like a big city with holiday makers, Kohphangan can be the best place to relax in Thailand. Phangan has as well a selection of upper class resorts , for example Mandalai Hotel or Sarikantang Resort. Both of them offering superb service and accommodation.

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Becks Resort
Beer Bungalow
Belvedere Bungalows
Blue Hill Resort


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