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There are many ways to move around on the island

There are many ways to move around on the island, you can use a local taxi cab for a little amount of Baht,or if you feel really adventurist you can hire a crossbike or moped and drive around in your own time. If you are looking for a modern styled accommodation while you are staying on Koh Phangan, we would advise to check out SeeThrough Resort . In recent times, Phangan developed into a popular visited destination with visitors from every area of the earth to visit the place. There are some very options for accommodation and cozy hotels on nearly all of Phangan's beaches and you can book them with this internet site. Koh Phangan is full with golden beaches and stunning natural beauty, the island attracts visitors from all over the world.

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Baan Talay
Bang Namkem Resort
Bay Lounge and Resort
Beach 99


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