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As a natural paradise place in the South-central Gulf of Siam

As a natural paradise place in the South-central Gulf of Siam, Phangan serves as the perfect getaway retreat. Finding accommodation on the internet before your arrive for events suchlike Christmastime or the week around the fullmoon party can be a useful advise. Resorts like Milky Bay Phangan or Sarikantang offer homepages together with online booking. Without question, Kohpangan has some of most beautiful beaches anywhere in the country. The most popular of the beaches, Haad Rin and Chaloklum always have a scattering of sun worshipers but there's also quieter, more secluded beaches and bays. Koh Phangan's monthly Fullmoon Party is the world's best known beach party, with international DJ's from across the globe lining up to have the chance of playing. Maipenrai is'nt only a common saying in Thailand, the phrase is as well the name of a popular bungalow resort in Thansadet.

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