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On the island a lot of activities to fill up your day

island a lot of activities to fill up your day. At nighttime Phangan offers a active nightlife, everything from typical Ladybars, Pubs to normal Clubs or larger Night Clubs. As a natural paradise island not far from Samui and Koh Tao, Phangan is perfect getaway retreat, where one may enjoy relaxing on quiet white sand beaches or snorkeling and go for a dive at the distinctive island of Ko Ma. In case you are looking for a reputable accommodation at Ko Phangan, we can offer you the Phrueksa Resort, not distant to Thongsala, the main hub of the place. At this location you will have an easy access to food markets, banks, money exchange or internet cafes. The climate in the Kingdom of Thailand is highly tropic, high temperature and damp. Often weather condition are caused by monsoons which create 3 seasons in Northern and Central Siam and 2 other seasons in south-central Thailand. Monsoon in the southern areas occurs approx May to Oct has intensive downfall and many clouds, but in the north-east monsoon around November to March is dry and relatively colder.

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