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Phangan is perfectly located in the near of most popular destinations like Ang Thong National Marine Park and Koh Samui. The easy to reach National Marine Park is composed of over 40 tiny islands, endowed with pristine beaches and surrounded with crystal clear water. Seeking adventure in the close by Ang Thong National Park composed of over 38 islands endowed with clean beaches, underwater caves and the calm Tha Laem Nai a salt water blue lagoon lake featured in the move The Beach by Alex Garland. It appears that whatever it is you are searching for, at that place is something for everyone. On Kohpangan you can see typical picture-postcard views of swaying palm trees , bright blue lagoons and beautiful sunrises. If relaxing in a hammock, tasting local thai food is your sort of vacation activity, Phangan Koh Phangan is perfect. If you like to meeting travelers from every part of the globe and enjoing one of the frequent parties, this island is the place to be, as well.

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